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Reno 2015

Dave Morss Pilots "Beautiful Doll" to Reno Bronze Win in Sports Class!
Go to and type in a search for Dave Morss Race 70 Reno 2015 for a production Karen Morse put together.

The 2015 National Championship Air Races in Reno for the Stewart S-51!



Credit goes first to Jim and Peggy Stewart for bringing the S-51 to life, an incredible achievement;
Mike VadeBoncoeur and his crew at Midwest Aero for assisting Ken Wagnon in building this particular kit;
Harry Stenger and his crew, Hank Stenger and Joe Strickland and Rhonda Clements for bringing this particular example, N351KW, "Beautiful Doll," up to Reno Racing standards;
Al Joniec and Robert Abernathy for building the strong, reliable (so far!) powerplant we flew behind: 
The record setting Dave Morss for suggesting to us two years ago that we should take Doll to Reno;
The incredible Dave Morss for evaluating Doll and handling her through practice and qualifying and heat races and the Sunday final race, all the while staying cool and maintaining his stellar professionalism;
Karen Morss for her Crew Management, education of us rookies, great food and refreshments, and care for Dave as the week progressed;
Techno-Wizard David Jackson for his telemetrics and modifications to Doll to have us race-ready;
Aeronautical Engineer Kyle Roh for digging back into his grass roots beginning in aviation to produce the dazzling detailing that showed Doll's aluminum at her finest;
Rod Dill, just-retired Navy chopper pilot, for his enthusiasm, maintenance assistance, and ability to answer questions for well-wishers and visitors interested in the airplane;
Airline and General Aviation pilot mates Kent Rhodes and Madelaine Kenny for iron fisted crew chief leadership and logistics support;
Fellow S-51 owners Jack and Mary Peck for their counsel and suggestions;
Mark Scheidecker for his assistance with tools and oversight and encouragement;
Dan Whitney for his technical help and photography;
Andy Chiavetta for his unselfish loans of tools and expertise;
And me, for not totally screwing up the ferry flights out and back. 


More photos and details about the event in coming days!
Go to and type in a search for "Dave Morss Race 70 Reno 2015" for a production Karen Morss put together.  Footage from the cockpit of Dave racing Doll.